MedHouse Kazakhstan was founded in 2010.

Today it is a fast-growing and dynamic distribution company, which is a part of the Swiss corporation Global Swiss Group. MedHouse Group is the official representative of world renowned brands of medical equipment and general medical products: Dr.Frei, Gamma, MedTextile, HomeTest, Dentissimo, Bionime, Dolphi.

MedHouse Kazakhstan is one of the leading players in the market of medical equipment and medical products in Kazakhstan. Over 13 years, our company has established itself in the pharmaceutical market as a reliable supplier with a quality certified product.

The company employs over 103 people. The excellent professional team knows how to set big goals and successfully solve ambitious tasks. Our team is the force that has brought MedHouse Kazakhstan to a leading market position and contines to hold the lead.
regional offices
Regional offices in the largest cities of Kazakhstan help us in building a dealer network and organizing quick distribution.
service centers
Service centers allow quick responding to any arising consumers' questions.
We cover more than 3000 active retail outlets including: pharmacies, orthopedic salons, medical equipment stores, FMCG.
Main distribution channels
Having the knowledge and practical experience in the field of distribution and understanding the structure of the market,we aim to ensure maximum availability for the consumer and the expertise of sellers.
Our style of work is high dedication, aspiration towards professional growth, creative thinking, innovative approach to the set tasks, energy, responsibility and mutual respect.
MedHouse Kazakhstan has all the necessary logistical capacity and resources to meet the needs of our partners in high-quality distribution. We provide quantitative and qualitative distribution nationwide, including storage, warehousing services,stock management and marketing operations.